Abhijit Deshmukh- Feeding People and Fostering Lives


Aurangabad, Maharashtra [India]: Covid-19 has left many people in a difficult situation where they do not have any food to eat, a roof over their heads, and no job to sustain themself. Despite all the measures provided by authorities, people are sleeping with an empty stomach. According to leading reports, more people will be killed because of hunger than the virus. Shattering, isn’t it?

Amidst all this, there came a saviour, Mr. Abhijit Deshmukh, ex corporator of Nationalist Congress Party and Director of Aurangabad (Maharashtra) District Central Co-operative bank- who has been a great help for many during this pandemic. He has acted as a guardian for the needy and has uplifted people during these adverse times.

Tough period for the daily wage workers:

Personally, Mr. Abhijit feels that this lockdown has been a very tough period for the daily wage workers. With no source of income, they have been uprooted in the worst way possible. There needs to be a hero for all of them who can ensure that these people get the bare minimum required necessities. Various social workers and NGOs came together to support the oppressed. He, along with his supporters started distributing food. Together they distributed 5000 food parcels to needy people in various locations of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. He fed people for 72 days with utmost dedication.

He said, “the worst situation is when people do not have food. This is where I wanted to help people and make use of my privilege. The distribution drive started in March, with the onset of the lockdown. My team started with a thousand food parcels per day. Soon, there was a demand for these food parcels all over the country and we realized that so many people are in need of food. This motivated us to do more. With the help of various surveys, we charted out a plan, and packing and cooking started in three different locations of the city. A new menu was designed every day. Helping people is what I love and intend to do.”

He was also worried about his team. The team followed strict guidelines and social distancing norms as per WHO while delivering. The masses gave such a good response that eventually, the team started catering to 5000 parcels every day.

They showed that hard work and grit determination can save lives and fill people’s stomachs. The more you work, the more you can reap the benefits of having a great soul. We wish Abhijit and his team all the luck. The world needs more people like him!


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