Women in aviation creates history


4 female pilots of the airline air-India created history by tottering around the whole globe in a go. Flying the route over the North Pole. Covering over 14,000 kms, they flew the airline’s first direct flight from Bengaluru to San-Francisco.

Capt Zoya Aggarwal says “flying from two diametrically points which SF to Bengaluru, if you see the globe they’re on two exact diametric points’’ by all women pilots who successfully did it, which is amongst one of the world’s longest flights.

The flight was significantly for two reasons first, it’s the longest non-stop commercial flight by any Indian airline and also a route that takes great skill to manoeuver.
The flight duration was 17 hours and the two major captain on board were captain Zoya Aggarwal and captain Papagari Thanmai followed by captain Shivani Manhas.


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