2nd “United Bharat and United India Kids 2021”, Event held on May-July 2021 by Abeera Events


Abeera Events a well known Event Management company headed by Pawani Kohli and Karan Patel organised their 2nd “UNITED BHARAT AND UNITED INDIA KIDS 2021” event during MAY – JULY 2021.

This timekeeping in view the Covid 19 in mind the event was organised on a Virtual basis only. Contestants from all parts of the country participated in the event. Not only ladies and gents but children also participated in great numbers.

Although the event was all virtual, the organisers arranged various sessions such as makeup, hairstyling, ramp walk technicals, in and out of fashion industry, how to manage social media as a model, fitness as a model, photoshoots knowledge etc.

The participants were trained by well-known models, fashionistas, fitness experts etc. To name a few Aayushi Dholakia, Sohel Malek, Ritu Rathi, VLCC Institute, Jatin Khirbat Khizar Hussian, Rahul Jain, etc.

In all, it took more than 2 months to complete this venture.

The trainers worked very hard to train the participants. The finale of the event was celebrated on Friday 2nd July 2021 virtually, the participants were judged on the basis of their tasks and performance performed by them and the following participants bagged titles.

United Bharat and United India Kids 2021
Winners of United India Kids 2021

Mrs Category – Winner Mrs Dimple Willson, 1st Runner-up Mrs Dimple Bhakta, 2nd Runner-up Mrs Sanu Rathi and Nidhi Jain. 

Miss Category – Winner Miss Asmita Chowdhury, 1st Runner-up Miss Khyati Talsania, 2nd Runner-up Helly Sadhu and Princy Willson. 

Mr Category – Winner Mr Bharat Varma, 1st Runner-up Tirthesh Patel, 2nd Runner-up Parimal Gohil and Rinkal Patel. 

Kids Category – Winner Meera Raval and Aarav Patel, 1st Runner-up Heer Patil, Veni Patel and Aarav Makwana, 2nd Runner-up Ziya Bardoliya, Marmik Bhandhari and Shourya Solanki.

Teen Category – Winner Maithili Parmar and Kavya Patel, 1st Runner-up Prisha Shah and Tanay Khemani, 2nd Runner-up Tara Gareja and Harsh Bane.

All the participants were issued crowns, medals, certificates, work assignments, etc.

Almost 300 participants participated in this competition from different states like Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Gujarat, MP, Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttrakhand.


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