The Young Indians, meeting the social responsibility successfully

The Young Indians meeting the social responsibility successfully

Recently, The Young Indians, an emerging e-commerce marketplace has set an example by spreading smiles on the faces of poor street kids. The Young Indians has gone a step forward and created a buzz with all the good work it is doing. This marketplace is spending some of the amount they get from each sale, on feeding the hungry poor street children who are deprived of even basic needs.

The Young Indians has done a great job by initiating this step and is planning to even expand the horizon of this corporate social responsibility even further. With each and every sale, The Young Indians is planning to make the most for the upliftment of not even kids, but also the needy and helpless people who really are in great need of help.

The Young Indians is an e-commerce marketplace which deals in youth-related articles and products. The product range includes women’s fashion and accessories, men’s fashion and accessories, LGBTQ fashion, ethic, western, hand-painted articles, art and décor, edibles and much more.

The founder of The Young Indians Bhaskar Mishra has a clear take on this side and wishes to continue to work for the benefit of the poor and needy of our country as a part of CSR from the earnings of the marketplace.


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