Skalabel: Connecting Businesses with Global Brands


Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], February 23, 2024: Established in 2022, Skalabel has quickly become a leading name in outsourcing solutions for businesses seeking top-notch content creators and service providers worldwide. This Kolkata-based agency operates as a comprehensive 360° digital marketing firm, offering a full spectrum of services, from website development and social media management to 3D advertising and professional content shoots.

“We understand the challenges in securing high-quality content creation amidst ever-evolving market demands,” explains Aadi Das, founder of Skalabel. “Our mission is to bridge the gap between businesses and skilled professionals across international borders, ensuring effective communication and seamless collaboration.”

Skalabel’s unique value proposition lies in its extensive network of foreign content creators and service providers. This allows them to connect businesses with diverse perspectives, fresh ideas, and specialised expertise while maintaining competitive pricing. Its team has proven experience working with over 50 domestic and international brands, fostering partnerships that drive tangible results.

“Whether you require captivating website copy, engaging social media campaigns, or cutting-edge advertising solutions, Skalabel has the right talent to fit your project needs,” affirms Das. “We take pride in building lasting relationships with clients and creators, ensuring mutual success and continuous growth.”

Skalabel is a suitable partner for firms looking to grow their digital presence abroad, emphasising scalability, efficiency, and cultural sensitivity. Its ability to source high-quality talent and comprehensive marketing expertise empowers brands to effectively connect with their target audiences and achieve their marketing goals.

About Skalabel

Skalabel is a Kolkata-based 360° digital marketing agency that connects businesses with foreign content creators and service providers. Founded in 2022, it offers various services, including website development, social media marketing, 3D advertising, and content creation. With over 50 successful collaborations under their belt, Skalabel is committed to providing clients with scalable, cost-effective solutions that drive real results.


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