RJ Trickshot alias Zahidul Islam’s Trick Shot’s Make Him an Internet Star


Texan pool player, RJ Trickshot, has become an internet sensation thanks to his trick-shot videos that have received millions of views.

Zahidul Islam, known as RJ TRICKSHOT, has more than millions of views on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and his YouTube channel.

A 13-year-old from Richardson, Texas, Zahidul Islam was one of the youngest players to represent his country.

“I started playing pool when I was 13, and then I never stopped playing even though I was in college. I tried my best from scratch to show my skills to the world” Zahidul said in an interview.

Influencer clips have gone viral on social media, garnering over one million views for his unique talent.

He did also said: “I believes that this game is based on 75% mental ability and 25% on physical consciousness. Several shots are remarkably simple to execute, mandating just one or two attempts. Someone else can take hours or days.” He does admit, even so, that perfecting a few really trick shots can take several days.

“I get such a lot of encouragement from some of the other trick-shot players, but I consider Florian Kohler, aka Venom Trickshot, and Mike Massey to be two of the most important contributions.”

RJ Trickshot alias Zahidul Islam's Trick Shot's Make Him an Internet Star

The innovator, who generates his own trick shots while also performing establishing shots, is fast to reassure naysayers that he really does just not conduct his stunts with an electromagnet or any other piece.

He said: “Many comments that I use a string, or that there are magnets in the ball, but honestly, it’s probably easier to make the shots than it is to fake them.”

“Many people have told me that I use a string or that there are magnets in the ball, but honestly, it’s probably easier to make the shots than it is to fake them,” he explained.

Zahidul also stated that he spends 20 to 25 hours each week playing pool. Trick shots, on the other hand, are “very much a favorite pastime” for him.

“I had no idea I’d gain so many social media followers.” He explained, “I just kept uploading trick shots that I enjoyed doing.” He is the first to admit that he isn’t the best pool trick-shot player in the world. He cites the numerous talented players who have posted on newer, shorter-form social media platforms to demonstrate this point.

Although the trick shots would seem simple towards the human eye, each requires substantial rehearsal and provision to work flawlessly.

Consider RJ’s trick shot, which entails launching four balls down the table in rapid succession while leaping over a stick strewn across the table. He finally nails the sequence to hit all four off the diamond into the hole after a couple of tries.

The tiniest details can make a big difference in the outcome of one of these shots.

According to Zahidul, even the tiniest amount of chalk on a cue stick can sway the tilting of the cue ball and how it will try to hit others in its path.

Pool is a game that has been played in Northern Europe since the 15th century. Billiards was the original name for the game, derived from the French, and it is still used by professionals today.


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