Music Maestro, Changing the trends

Music Maestro Changing the trends
Dr. T. S. Satish Kumar

‘Music is the universal language of mankind’

India has an ancient tradition of music and performance arts, and it has the distinction of being the origin of many musical instruments, as well as the epicentre of many musical styles. From Tansen to Bismillah Khan, India has gems in his pocket when it comes to music. Indian musicians break their own records by creating new music styles, and Indian musicians, whether classical or modern, are in high demand and revered around the world.

Dr. T. S. Satish Kumar is one of India’s finest musicians and music teachers. He already holds numerous world records, but he is determined to break his own to set a new one.

Many leading music experts and organizations regard him as the “World’s Best Pianist.”

He gained attention once more when he played the piano with one hand and the tabla with the other. By doing so, he established a new record in his name.

A tabla is a pair of twin hand drums from the Indian subcontinent, according to Wikipedia. It has been the primary percussion instrument in Hindustani classical music since the 18th century, where it can be played solo, in accompaniment with other instruments and vocals, or as part of larger ensembles.

The piano, on the other hand, is a stringed keyboard instrument with softer-coated wooden hammers that strike the strings. It is played on a keyboard, which is a row of keys that the performer presses or strikes with both hands’ fingers and thumbs to cause the hammers to strike the strings.

Dr. T. S. Satish Kumar combined western and Indian musical instruments to create a role model for other musicians to emulate.

Last but not least, Dr. T. S. Satish Kumar was recognized for his achievement by the prestigious Bravo International Book Of World Records, which awarded him with an authentic world record for the same.

Dr. T. S. Satish Kumar has students from all walks of life; his students are fortunate to learn from a time expert. And their guru, Dr. T. S. Satish Kumar, is truly making a difference in the lives of students.

As famously said ‘Music can change the world because it can change people’.


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