Making the Difference: Serving Mankind in the times of need

Making the Difference: Serving Mankind in the times of need

Mumbai, (Maharashtra) [India]: You must never hunt for an excuse to assist people who are in need. Extending a helping hand not only wipes the tears from their eyes, but it also functions as a self-cure. Working towards the same, a Non-Profit organization, Making the Difference (MTD), by Mr Deepak Vishwakarma are working for the poor and marginalized people living in the slums and disaster-affected areas.

Uplifting the downtrodden people, MTD’s main goal is to alleviate poverty, which they do by implementing well-thought-out programmes in health, education, livelihoods, and disaster planning and response.

Their overarching purpose is to improve the lives and livelihoods of children from poor and marginalised areas. Work, according to religion, is worship, but there’s more to it than that; humanity is also worship, and it’s something that our society desperately needs.

It is only through self-satisfaction that life is worth living. We live in a world where the impoverished and downtrodden make up a large percentage of the population. In his or her life, each person may have a particular requirement. While some aspire to be successful, others lack the most basic necessities, such as a place to live or enough food to eat. But that’s not all; other people may just require affection, such as those who yearn to see smiles.

Helping such people, NGO Making the Difference started its journey on 23rd March when the first lockdown started and since then there is no looking back for them. They have done many campaigns to help the community during this pandemic & haven’t stopped yet.

Providing Medical Support:

In the second wave of Covid there was a sudden need for oxygen and failure that many people lost their loved ones. To help with the same, MTD had initiated 113 Free “Oxygen Connect” Centerswith 761 Oxygen Concentrators & 200 Jumbo Oxygen Cylinders. They still maintain 89 “Oxygen Connect” active centres in 40 cities throughout seven Indian states, providing patients a second chance at life. They’ve also donated 1,75,000 litres of oxygen to four Maharashtra hospitals. Also extended support to various Government hospitals, Covidcentres, Indian Defense services by sending 70 Oxygen Concentrators across India. Providing medical assistance, they have distributed 270 Medical Beds to 14 hospitals &4 CovidCenters in 12 Cities across Maharashtra.

Protecting Front Line Workers:

Doctors, Nurses, Security guards, govt. Employees have been working for us even in these tough times. To protect them by providing essential facilities is our utmost duty. For the same, MTD distributed more than 10,000 PPE kits to the frontline workers & 1,500 PPE Kits to government hospitals across Maharashtra. Also donated 300 Oximeters to 12 Hospitals and CovidCenters so that it is easy for the doctors to operate.

Setting up Community Kitchen:

There are a lot of people whose families were affected by Covid and there was no one to make food & take care of the family. Here, MTD took charge of the family and set up a community kitchen to help such families in these tough times. With the help of the kitchen, they have served 2,80,000+ cooked meals to the needy.

In addition, they have distributed 1,75,000+ Dry Ration kits which have reached 25,00,000 people in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Nashik, Penn & Varanasi. And with a promise toDabbawalas in Maharashtra to help them start their earning they have distributed 40,750 dry ration kits to them. They have also distributed 5000 kg dry ration kits to orphanage & old age homes.

Essentials of the time:

As the lockdown begins, it is critical to adopt safeguards such as sanitization, masking, and social distancing. Making the Difference, a non-profit organisation, has supplied over 5,000 litres of sanitizer to police stations, BMC offices, hospitals, sweepers, and shopkeepers across India. They have also supplied over 10,000 masks to hospitals, covid centres, sweepers, and police officers, among other places.

Don’t underestimate the impact that merely following public health guidelines can have. You can make a significant difference in your neighbourhood just by staying at home as much as possible and practising social distancing when you do go out.
In these tough times it is necessary to help needy people and guide them in the correct direction to avoid such severe diseases. Making a difference has impacted countless lives by offering assistance and assisting people in difficult situations.


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