‘Koi Sath Hai’ Horror Comedy to release on OTT


Mahaveer Shringi’s ‘Koi Sath Hai’ Ready to be released on OTT

Jaipur (Rajasthan), India : ‘Koi Sath Hai’ the upcoming Hindi-language Bollywood comedy horror drama had all the fans extremely excited about it. Written and directed by Mahaveer Shringi the film will be the first directorial debut of Shringi. The movie poster revelation had all the fans extremely excited about it. The cast of the movie included well known actress Asama Sayed, Neet Mahal, Rajesh Dubeay, Priya Tiwari and Mahaveer Shringi. As the fans wanted more detailed updates regarding the release date and new updates associated with the movie so today in this article we will discuss all the updates associated with Koi Sath Hai. Talking about the film, Mahaveer said that, “Hindi Language Comedy Horror Drama Koi Sath Hai Production started around January 2019. The film shooting was concluded in March 2020 the last part of the filming was shot in Rajasthan, Goa and Mumbai. Originally the movie was planned to get released by Mid-2020 but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and strict government regulations, the release date was postponed but now the production house is planning to release the film on the OTT platforms.”

‘Koi Sath Hai’ Horror Comedy to release on OTT
‘Koi Sath Hai’ Horror Comedy to release on OTT

Talking on the cast of the film Shringi said, “We have Asama sayed who have appeared in many films like ‘Gandi Baat 5’ and ‘Shubh Ratri.’ She will play the role of a witch in the film. Apart from this Rajesh Dubaey, well known actor of Bollywood industry. He is also part of the movie. Dubeay, is also working in Lakshmi Bomb. He will play the role of a ‘Tantric’ in movie.

As per Director Mahaveer Shringi, “Ever since Patallok came out, small films have been striking golden deals with the platforms. Earlier, they ran for a bit in theatres, but launching them straight on OTT has become a more viable option.” Shringi hopes that OTT media will refuse to shift their content focus on big-budget films. “It’s great that their films are striking deals instead of waiting for theatres to reopen.” The increased visibility is a boost. “Medium-budget films struggle to get more than 200 theatres. OTT platforms take them to many more people.” even small films without a star can make a tidy profit. Conventional pressures from the theatre distribution system don’t bog down a bunch of experimental filmmakers from creative novelty, Mahaveer added.


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