Fashion, Films, and Dance are the core roots of Actor Anuradha Singh

Anuradha Singh

From modeling to theatre and being a digital creator, Actress Anuradha Singh has paved a way for herself in the ever so glamorous and competitive Entertainment, Film & Fashion Industry. We had the pleasure to talk to her about her journey and get her insight on a few things related to her work, inspiration, hobbies, and her life as an artist.  

Tell us about your experience working as a theatre actor. 

Nerve-wracking and liberating! A lot of my confidence comes from that. There are no options for retakes! Either you nail it or mess it! Man! It was awesome.

How did you enter the world of entertainment as a model and actor? How has your journey been so far?

I guess I have always been entertaining people, ever since my early years of childhood, whether it was dancing or emulating popular actors, movie scenes, or dialogues. Now I just get paid to do the same!. On a more serious note, It’s what I know and I am insanely passionate about it. It’s been fruitful so far. Grateful to God. Can’t complain. 

Acting and Modeling go hand in hand as many models turn into actors and vice versa. What are your strengths and learnings as an actress and Model?

My strength lies in the fact that I can be molded into any character as I am a quick learner, emotionally and mentally very flexible. Whatever is given to me I really work hard and spend time making sure the final result is what everyone as a team had envisioned. Especially for digital collaborative projects. I think acting and modeling are two very different stages of the same arena that can sync seemingly easily, like you said, many have done it before. There is no hard and fast rule or criteria to who can turn into an actor. People from other professions have made this career shift and are not just limited to those coming from the modeling world, plus they have succeeded. What I think has worked for them is their willingness to work hard for it, earn, and evolve; the struggle is real. So one must be prepared for all sorts of challenges. 

It’s known that many TV actors struggle to get into films and the crossover is a real hustle and struggle. your views on it. 

There are a plethora of talented actors in the TV industry. We have seen quite a few actors now who have managed to make that transition into mainstream cinema pretty easily, especially in the last few years. If not by a large margin then definitely a noticeably substantial shift has taken place. Still, there is a long way to go till both industries achieve a seamless transition for their talents, but it’s a good start for sure. Hopefully, soon this line further diminishes to a point of immateriality. Actors are actors and stereotyping talent is regressive. Period. 

How did learning Manipuri Kathak as a dance form happen to you? What inspired this choice?

I always wanted to learn the Indian classical dance form. So when the opportunity came my way during my boarding school days, I didn’t think much. I saw how the dance looked, liked it, and quickly decided to learn it. 

A motivational quote from you to all upcoming models and actors.

Oh, there’s a whole bunch of motivational quotes I follow. But one of my all-time favorites is “खुदी को कर बुलंद इतना के हर तकदीर से पहले खुदा बन्दे से खुद पूछे के बता तेरी रज़ा क्या है” (“Make yourself so determined & so able that before writing your destiny or your fate, God asks you, “tell me what is it you want”). Anyone who reads it can feel the power of these words, The way it resonates, it’s almost spiritual. 

What inspires you as an artist in today’s challenging world of uncertainty, the pandemic, and ups and downs related to work projects being slower than usual?

Honestly, I was suffering from an illness for almost 2 years before 2019. Nothing has kept me slower than that in my life. I am just glad I am healthy and fit to physically chase my dreams. Rest, God’s been kind during the pandemic. Work challenges have always existed, only the intensity differs, so I just see it like that. I never give up. You just can’t if you want to live your dreams. 

Your take on women empowerment.

My belief is that every revolution begins at home. First off, the toxicity of any kind, be it a man or woman that impedes a young girl’s God-given right needs to be addressed. Empowerment stems from equality, it’s a mindset. We are all equals in the eyes of God, why should women be any different?!. Moral education must be done for boys from a very young age and not just at school but right at their homes. 

Please share 3 skincare tips you practice to look as gorgeous as you do.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated
  2. Never forget to wear a good Sunscreen 
  3. Wash and clean your face before going to sleep. 

Challenges an influencer and creator faces in garnering engagement in today’s overexposed era of social media influencers and varied content across several platforms globally.

I strive to create content that will resonate with both me and my audience on a daily basis. Well, to do that almost every day with a certain degree of honesty has been a true commitment and discipline, because I believe that if anything you create doesn’t echo at a core level, then it won’t have a lasting effect and seems unauthentic. Hence being innovative, spontaneous, and creative altogether can be a tad bit challenging. Frankly, it’s not just entertainment for me, I want my audiences to feel very much at home, ‘woh gharwali feeling’, and when that happens; our relationship becomes far more meaningful. I like that. It’s more humane. 

Your upcoming projects?

I have a few modeling projects lined up. Hopefully, you will see me in several different avatars as an actor and model. As always I am very excited about my future work and will soon share with you more insight once the projects I’m associated with are publically announced for me to talk about it in the media.


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