Best Digital strategist of India, Yash Mishra expressed his vision on role of digital platforms in influencing voters

Best Digital strategist of India Yash Mishra expressed his vision on role of digital platforms in influencing voters
Yash Mishra

The impact of social media and digital platforms on the political atmosphere of the country is not unknown. A recent survey has pointed out that digital platforms have a significant role to play in the election results. These platforms are influencing the decisions of voters. Digital strategist, Yash Mishra’s Company Glossour has studied the trends and pointed out that going forward, digital platforms will play a crucial role in election aspects like party image, representative image, and voter decisions in turbulent times when many are still scared to step out and get into discussions.

Yash is currently involved with the E-election campaign of 2022 state assembly elections. He says that he has been seeing the trend where digital platforms have a dominant role to play in all five poll-bound states.

Digital platforms have a similar impact on other industries but the impact on elections emerged as a surprise over the past months. Yash says that the digital imposition caused by the pandemic may prove to be a game-changer for the election scene in the country.

After the coronavirus pandemic struck, many industries and businesses in the world and India had to choose the digital way to carry forward their activities and take their businesses ahead. This today has become a way of life for many entrepreneurs, artists, politicians, brands, and companies all over the world.

Yash Mishra said, “Digital platforms and the digital world as a whole is today a necessity for people and industries, for they can choose to do branding, which in the political realm can help political leaders in optimizing the digital marketing company’s services and strategies and gain knowledge and expertise in strategizing their elections.”

Mishra has been spearheading the digital campaigning of various leaders from political parties in the poll-bound states and eyeing for the Parliamentary Elections in 2024.

Major ways in which parties and politicians use digital platforms are for campaigning, reach to audience, meme marketing,  making promises to the youth, showing graphics of their past work, etc. The power of digital marketing is immense and these trends indicate that it will penetrate further into our everyday lives.

Let us see what is the future of elections and wait for more reports on how much digital platforms and top strategists like Yash Mishra could influence the elections and image of candidates and parties through their game plan.


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