An Insight into Parinaz aka thebombaybloggers life & how a repeat year in college changed her life!

An Insight into Parinaz aka thebombaybloggers life & how a repeat year in college changed her life!

Parinaz Kharas, an enthusiastic content creator & hardworking Brand Consultant, deals with brands on day to day basis while also finding time to create interesting content on all things lifestyle and food.

She decided to start her personal blog in 2016. Through her undying passion, she likes to do meaningful collaborations that resonate with her personality and associate with people who help her learn and grow beyond books.

As a child she was always a good student in studies and extra curriculars and even topped her class in one subject in class 10th  but not everything was rosy after. Due to a low percentage which was still 82, she did not get into a college of her choice and post 12th  the same happened so she decided on doing a private course of BBA (bachelors in business administration) from a reputed college. As fate would have it, that course got nullified after a year leaving her with little proof of doing the course and no certification!

She knew she had to fight it out on her own as all her possible contacts were of no use!

She tried to find out all possible ways and eventually decided that she had to repeat her year and start a bachelors course from scratch! The course that was last on her list was now her only option, doing B.Com!

Little did she know that it was the beginning of her new  life! She had a wonderful college life; meeting various people, making lovely connections and friends, most importantly getting to lead her college as General Secretary & college fest as Chairperson!

It was in 2015 during her first year in her new college that she started interning as a social media consultant with a start-up and learnt so much about the online world and the world of blogging!

Since contacting bloggers was part of her job she too got interested in the same and in 2016 on the 25th of March decided on starting her Instagram page, Thebombayblogger!

Post a few months, she stumbled upon a digital marketing course which got her even more interested in the world of Social Media!

She is so grateful for her course getting nullified because if it hadn’t been for that she would be doing her Masters in a completely different field!

Cut to 2022  she  proudly says  that, “ I am a successful social media consultant with a clientele of my own and have learnt so much over the past few years and even during my short job stint of 6 months!”

She has had various portals feature her and has successfully worked with brands such as Zorabian Chicken, Theobroma, FabIndia, Oreo, Bumble, Godrej, MCaffeine, Master Chef India, Diageo and Star Bazaar to name a few.

She has handled over 20 + brands from various genres in the past 4 years and now operates as a freelancer!

Her lesson from this entire incident is that one must always be open to new possibilities and needs to be their own hero!

Never give up on your ambitions and dreams, do anything but MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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