Sulatha Francis on her poetry collection titled ‘Father’s Face’

Sulatha Francis, Author Sulatha Francis, ‘Father’s Face’, ‘Father’s Face’ book,

‘Fathers Face, a book that reveals threadbare, the delicate strands of the vital thread that deeply binds a father and his daughter. The emotional connection written in words, her yearning to find what she lost, along with the embracement of the purity tangled with those feelings… 

Sulatha Francis, The Author:                      

Sulatha Francis, hailing from Calicut, Kerala, belongs to a middle-class family rooted in deep family values and high ideals. Inspired by the rich lessons of life that she inherited as a legacy from her Father, Eric S. Srinivasan, retired (late) Deputy Commissioner of Rural Development in state service, she set on her long journey in the corporate world. Today, she is a well-recognized Management Professional in the Middle East region, with over two decades of corporate experience in Strategic Organization Planning, together with Organizational Development and Corporate Governance. She is a full-fledged businesswoman and married to her longtime faithful friend Pramod Francis. They are well-settled in Muscat, Oman, along with their two college-going children. 

Studies and Achievements:

Awarded in various business meets for her commitment and contribution to the business world. She holds an MBA in HRM and a Diploma in PR with an additional Master Degree & M. Phil in English Language and Literature from Queen Marys College, Madras University.

Her awards throughout the years:

  • Recipient of Leadership Award at the Women Economic Forum, in January 2020, an International Body recognizing Women Leaders across the globe.
  • Recognized as Best Woman Poetfor her anthology Not Just a Woman But THE WOMANby ESN Publications in November 2021 

About the book:

The new collection Fathers Face‘, is portrayed in a form that the writer revels in her father’s memory, reminiscent of his words of wisdom, perceiving his presence in natures elements, and committing to live a good and prosperous life, in respect of the knowledge that she has inherited as a legacy from her beloved father. 

Her poems ring a tone of nostalgia when she walks down the memory lane and recalls her early childhood days in the doting care of her parents. Her deep desire to connect with her mother again and the sense of loss find poignant expression in this anthology.

In the latter half of the book, the writer harps on her favourite subject, Women’ – their exploitation, helplessness and their empowerment. She vividly paints the picture of the degrading value system of todays youth, leading to violence, mental turbulences, and even gruesome murder. 

The devastating effect of the raging pandemic Covid-19is captured with clarity and pain. She gives explicit expression about the days of solitude and loneliness, a chapter from her own life through her poems. Above all this is her steadfast faith in God, and the hope that There is a better tomorrow for all’, that has kept her firm.

The endorsement for the anthology was penned by Dr. Thamizhachi Thangapandian, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha and the foreword was written by Dr Baby Sam Samuel, an international speaker. The book is represented by Pachyderm Tales. 


This anthology stands apart for its emotional pathos, rhythmic rhymes, and celebration of life. The use of metaphors and similes interspersed with lucid imagery makes this collection a fine read.


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