Riverdale Aerovista becomes the First Housing Society to install a path- breaking Composting system in tricity


Mohali, Punjab [India], July 7, 2021:  In an effort to provide a sustainable solution to the problem of waste management, Riverdale Aerovista, an environment-friendly township has installed ‘Compost Bins’ under the name – ‘Aerobins’, in their housing society. The Compost Bins are of 600 litres capacity.

Aerobin is the world’s most advanced static composter, which converts organic waste into suitable fertilizer within 40 days in an environment-friendly way.

With the installation of Aerobin in the premises – Riverdale Aerovista, has become the first Residential project to install compost bins in the region.

Sanjeev Jindal, CEO of Riverdale Group said, “We have taken this significant step towards developing greener environs. This will resolve the waste management problem within the residential complex. As our landfill sites are overburdened with waste and are posing a serious threat to the environment, it’s become imperative for us to start ‘Community Composting’ within residential areas. With this natural method of waste disposal, we can convert biodegradable waste into organic fertilizer & minimize the environmental threat.”

“Now at Riverdale’s residential complex, residents can put kitchen waste like vegetables, fruit peels, eggshells, coffee etc into an Aerobin container. Then Aerobin uses a natural process of aerobic decomposition which naturally produces temperatures of up to 70 degrees to produce organic manure. Once the compost is ready, we will use it in our existing gardens. Residents can also use it as a potting soil for their home plantation.” added Jindal.

Notably, to make it a holistic environment-friendly township – Riverdale Aerovista Group has also set up a Rainwater Harvesting System, to conserve rain water. The gated society also has installed a Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) to treat and reusue water for the garden areas.

In addition, the township is also equipped with energy efficient LED lights and going a step further, is also planning to set up an Electric Vehicles (EV) charging station for cars within the society.

Col Inderjeet Kumar, President, Strategic Planning & Corporate Relations, Riverdale Aerovista Group said, “Sustainable action will not only help us tackle waste management problem but also extend a great support towards other environment-related initiatives that we are adopting & executing as an ongoing mission. The move also supports the government’s ambitious programme ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.”

Highlighting the advantages of composting, Col Inderjeet Kumar said, “With composting waste, we can reap several benefits such as enriching the soil so as to help retain moisture and conserve water. Moreover, we can also considerably reduce methane emissions from landfills and lower our carbon footprint. Compost also helps in reducing the need for chemical fertilizers”.

This big & noble initiative not only reflects Riverdale Group’s sensitivity towards Environment but is surely going to go a long way in inspiring other developers and home- makers to follow these commendable footsteps and enrich this region with Pollution-free environment.

Visit the official website- www.riverdaleindia.com


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