Nirmala Namkeen enters into the snacks market to provide quality products to its customers

Nirmala Namkeen enters into the snacks market to provide quality products to its customers

New Delhi: One of India’s leading brands known for providing quality snacks,  Nirmala Namkeen has made the superhit entry in the snacks market this Diwali festival. Nirmala Namkeen is an emerging brand known for delivering quality products. The firm has launched many of its delicious products for the customers on the occasion of the great festival of Diwali that are available online as well on their offline stores.

From beetroot chips to pani puri chips, the firm has introduced various unique flavours and editions for the consumers to provide them with distinct taste and enhanced quality. Popular amongst the customers across the country, their products have made it one of the most favorite mid-meal snacks.

Bhim Singh Tripathi, proprietor of Nirmala Namkeen said that we take special care of the health of the customers in our products. Due to which modern technology is used for packaging Nirmala’s Namkeen retains its original taste for maximum time duration. With this huge variety of exquisitely packaged products, one can always be ready to have a celebration anytime, anywhere. Nirmala’s Namkeen is available in major markets and retail stores across India.

Nirmala’s Beet Root Chips are known for their pure quality and taste. At the same time, its pani puri chips have a different taste of their own. Golden Mix brings sizzle to the tongue. Its banana wafers are very popular and are considered very tasty and healthy in the world of snacks. Its chakli is also special, which apart from being delicious, it also gives you a lot of nutrition.

Although Nirmala Namkeen is available at every shop in India, an online ordering facility is also available for those who do not want to go to the market. In this festive season, customers can benefit from special discounts and gifts while making their purchase or gifting it to their dear ones across.


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