Mohankumar BP- Founder Western Terrain Coffee Roasters

Mohankumar BP- Founder Western Terrain Coffee Roasters

1. It was a completely different shift from healthcare to hospitality. Please share a few words on this.

I have always been very passionate about the hospitality sector. Since I have my own coffee estate back in Coorg, I always had an idea to start a cafe of my own. I had a zeal for it.

2. Please tell us about your journey so far in the hospitality industry.

As mentioned above, I have a passion for business and understand the hospitality industry. While I worked in healthcare, I networked a lot and did my research too, Which helped me start my cafe with confidence. No journey is easy as we all know.

3. Yours is a cafe which not only has different flavours of coffee but also delicacies. Why did you feel like combining both?

I felt it is best to offer both under one roof.

4. By when can we expect your new cafe at Kushalnagar, Karnataka to start functioning full-fledged?

This should start anytime soon. It will not take too long.


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